CM-Blog Circle-March 2013-Interesting Perspectives

March's blog circle theme was "Interesting Perspectives". Getting up high...getting down low....spinning around...not your average stand and take the shot...that's what this month was all about. This is MY life...told the way I see it. My view. My loves. At the bottom of the post.. There is a link to check out the rest of the blog circle..Follow the links until you get back to mine.

 I had the awesome idea (I thought it was husband not so much) to try and take a spinning shot. I wanted my husband to hold hands with my oldest daughter and spin in a circle. So...I convinced him to let me get on his back and tried to hold the camera steady...while I was holding on to him with my legs...while we are all spinning in a circle.....I ended up hitting myself in the head with the camera. Trying to get a "in focus" picture was to say the very least...a HUGE challenge. I ended up with ONE. but....even the not "in focus ones".. I love anyway. We did this in the backyard...I'm pretty sure our neighbors thing we're crazy. My husband rocks by the way....I'm one lucky gal.

 Sophia, my oldest daughter, has really been showing interest in photography. These pictures below are hers.What better perspective than that of a child...Through their eyes. She never ceases to surprise me....I watched her lay down on her belly to get the dog shots...and get on their level....making the perspective interesting....I am one proud mama to say the least.

Check out Mickisha's blog HERE. Enjoy!

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