Steph--Mini Session--Northeastern NC Photographer

If I could choose one genre that I would like to specialize in when it comes to photography.. It would be Seniors. Seniors full of life.. stylish...and awesome to work with.. and did I mention stylish?? and fun?? I just love them! They are totally down to walk through mud and climb over vines to get an awesome shot..
For just that reason..I put out a model search to anyone interested in a junior/senior mini session. I was super excited when Steph said she'd love to do it! From there we emailed back and forth talking about location, what to wear, time of day and narrowed down a date. She emailed me a couple of pictures of her outfits that she had picked out... and that helped me pick out a location (that complimented her style).. which is awesome by the way :)
Steph is a Junior at one of the local high schools and plays volleyball. She has killer long legs.. beautiful blue eyes and did I mention her hair?? Long.. Dirty Blonde.. and oh so pretty! But putting looks aside.. She is so sweet, easy going and has a great head on her shoulders. On more than one occasion while shooting and talking with her.. I found myself smiling behind the camera...She just has that personality that makes you constantly smile :)

Senior Pictures should be a reflection of who you are right now.. your style..your passions..your excitement about beginning a new chapter.

Riley-Northeastern NC Photographer

Miss Riley is three years old. She is the daughter of some very close friends that we don't see nearly enough. Her parents, Josh and Tiffany, live in Charlotte, NC. We all met up in Myrtle Beach, SC for a little bit of wintertime fun at a indoor water park resort.
I have just finished up taking a "Mastering Natural Light Indoors" photography class. Taking pictures indoors can be a tricky thing when there is not a lot of light to be found. This class taught us how to find the light, how to use it, and how shadows sometimes arn't a bad thing. Sometimes, You can use shadows and low light to help portray moodiness and character. I love this.
Our hotel room was on the 11th floor and east facing.. the light was amazing! There was even black out shades and sheer curtains..a photographer's dream!
Riley has the MOST amazing eyes and eyelashes. She has a tender soft spoken but yet is direct enough to let you know exactly what she wants (example: when my baby daughter was crying for any reason at all..Riley had to let you know that "baby is crying" and that baby shouldn't be crying.. man.. the looks she would shoot us until we did something to make the baby stop crying were killer). I'm pretty sure that she needs a sister or brother. Hint hint.....
Below are some of my favorite shots from our vacation together...They are "lifestyle" pictures.. Which just means that they are pictures of her in her environment..they arn't posed...and they are true to her. I basically just stalked her for a day :) Lifestyle pictures arn't for everybody...but they are true life...true details.
Sweet little Riley.. She sure is one beautiful kid.


Erin-Just Because Session-Northeastern NC Photographer

Miss Erin is my GO-TO girl for any new photography ideas that I dream up. She is always ready and willing to throw on makeup and a beyond cute outfit and meet me anywhere. Right down the road from where I live is a building that is not being used with grass that hadn't been cut in several months. I would ride by this place everyday and think.. This would be the perfect spot for a session! The dead grass and the woodsy feel make for the perfect combination of textures..and although to look at this spot from the road it is an eyesore..sometimes those spots make the perfect place.  (The next day after pictures somebody cut the dead grass.. So it was perfect timing for the shoot!)

Even though I put Erin under the "senior label".. Erin is NOT a senior.. She is actually a sophmore in college...But she is young and beautiful and stylish.. so she fits in to this category more than she does any of the other ones.

If your interested in having a Senior Session done...or a Just Because session...Contact me! I would love to talk ideas and outfits...and help you ROCK your pictures! Senior sessions should represent FABULOUS you are right when you look back in 25 years at your pictures.. you can think.. man was I HOTT :)

CM- January 2013-Full Circle--Close Up Portraiture

This past December, My husband bought a membership to Clickin Moms for me. Believe me when I tell you.. it was by far one of the best chistmas presents ever. I have learned more in this past month than I have in the last 6 months on learning on my own.
I have joined up with some fabulous women to do a blog circle. Each month we will create a new blog post that follows a theme and link blogs with each other to share our pictures. January's theme was Close Up Portraiture. 

Now go have a look at Carrie's post on close up portraiture!