About Me

Hey! I'm Katie. I'm 27. Wife to Robbie.. my 5th grade sweetheart, Mother to Sophia and Stella and expecting our 3rd baby early February 2014. Emergency Room RN. Lover of Hushpuppies, Gingerbread cookies, Boho One of a Kind clothes, Fish tail braids, Anything Turquoise, Rainbow Sandals and all things pretty. I am an open book. So if you want to know something.. Just ask.. I'm not one to hold anything back.

My photography journey has been a long time coming..About 2 years ago I decided to put my dream in motion. I am a self taught photographer....Constantly taking classes..reading books...practicing daily. I am a perfectionist..and long to create beautiful images..so I don't think I'll ever stop learning.

My goal is to have you look at your pictures and smile..laugh..maybe even cry. I want to capture that fleeting moment.. the look of joy..love..playfulness. I want you to walk away from our session having had a great time..having felt comfortable..and beautiful and having made a new friend :)

My style is bright and colorful. I am drawn to pictures that portray closeness, connection, kissy lovey dovey moments, moodiness, up in your face images. I will give you the standard posed pictures but I will also give you the in between moments that make your heart flutter a bit faster.

What's in my camera bag??
--Nikon D 700
--50MM 1.4 and 85mm 1.8
I shoot with prime lenses so that means they don't zoom. Thats why I'm constantly moving around and coming in close and farther away. I'm not crazy..I'm just trying to get the shot. :)

 Photo credit: Melissa Stallings Photography
(p.s I'm 5 months preg here)

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