I am available for sessions MON-THURS.

What time??
Sessions start 1.5 to 2 hours before sunset. Photographers call this "The Golden Hour" due to the beautiful glow and light that occurs during this time period. The sun is less harsh and there is less squinty eyes :)

I recommend bringing two outfits to give you variety in your pictures. Please take a look at my "What to Wear" section that links you to Pintrest. There is lots of inspiration on what looks great together for a family to coordinate but yet not be so matchy matchy and also just plain cool outfits just cause. I do like a variety of sitting and standing so please make sure your comfortable in what you wear :) I also recommend to bring a blanket to sit on.

What happens after you get your CD?
 I recommend using a professional printing company who takes pride in their work and printing quality. It takes me hours to edit your beautiful images and that will be thrown out the window by using a nonprofessional printing company. I do not trust the printing quality of local drugstores or big shopping chains (no I will not name any names) But I will tell you they butcher your prints and the coloring is not the same.

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