Two Sisters...who rock!

I was beyond excited when Shannon asked me if I was interested in taking pictures of her two teenage girls! Seriously.. Two beautiful girls?? YES!!! The light was JUST perfect (1 hour before sunset) and I couldn't have asked for two more willing souls to take pictures of! (These two girls give seventeen magazine models a run for their money!!)  Mom jumped in for some pictures too and next time when the days get longer we'll make sure we've got some of dad too! Here are some of my personal favorites! Hope you love them as much as I do!


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Sandra and her Boys

Last week I took pictures of Sandra Davis and family. If your wondering how I got all those men to smile for me..Let me tell you a little story. Picture this, I am riding behind Sandra and her son Daniel is in the vehicle behind me. We are on a farm and there are pathways and ditches and barns and water..and my mind is racing 100 miles a minute taking in the jackpot settings and BAM..I dukes of hazard jump/drive through a ditch on my Honda Civic. I swear I might have gotten some air when that ditch jumped out in front of me! Needless to say, All those smiles you see are the direct result of them ragging on me the ENTIRE time. Love you guys with all my heart!

Stephanie Pierce Byrd and Family

I don't think the weather could have been any better for this session. 70 degrees in December?? Thats just crazy! I met up with the Byrd family in their hometown of Edenton, NC. Steven, Stephanie, Whitney, Madison and Karley make up the awesome Byrd family. Any family with three girls has my heart won over already (since I have two girls of my own) and these girls were a total hoot! They came prepared with poses that would put any model to shame. All of these girls, including mom, have awesome style...Check out their boots and Karley's red clogs. We took pictures right up until the sun went down and I just love the silhouette shots. Thank ya'll for letting me take pictures of your sweet family! Hope you love them!