Being on the other side of the lens for family pictures..........and what we wore

A couple of days ago...My family of 4 had our family pictures taken. Like most of you, I am not entirely comfortable having a camera pointed at me. (It's A LOT easier to be behind the lens)... I start to think about all the things that arn't perfect about my appearance.. and about that huge zit that just appeared overnight... about what clothes I'm going to wear..what clothes are my kids and reluctant husband going to wear?? How do I  make it look like we all just effortlessly threw on clothes that reflect our personality..and yet somehow just happened to flow and look freakin awesome together. Is it even worth all the trouble????????? MY answer..and yes YOUR answer...should be.. Yes..It's totally worth it. The stars hardly ever align perfectly...and MOST of us don't have that supermodel body or perfectly white teeth. But do you think in 10-20 years that's what you'll see when you look at your pictures? Not even close. You'll see the love on your face holding your 9 month old baby...and Your husband standing proudly beside his family...and that mischievous look in your 8 year olds eye. It will be worth.every.penny.

I chose our family outfits based on one thing. Sophia's dress. It is light, airy, with beautiful ruffles, lace and twirls like nobody's business. So everybody's outfit will compliment that. You have to start somewhere.. Right? We changed twice..So we could have variety in our pictures. Below is pictures of what we wore.
I hope that if your on the fence about having your pictures taken or your family pictures taken..that this post helps.. and possibly convinces you that there is no perfect time to take pictures... Just do it. It'll be worth it. and if your having trouble putting together outfits..I'd be more than happy to help.

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