Cobb Family--Windsor, NC--Northeastern NC Photographer

Dana is one lucky lady....let me tell you why. Her husband, Will, is the one who called and set up the family photo session as a birthday present to Dana. Seriously, How many men do that? NOT many. He knew it was something she would love and since they hadn't had family pictures in forever it seemed to be the perfect gift. :) I knew this HAD to be a pretty special family just from that first phone call. My instinct was totally right. Dana, Will and Joseph are that type of family you just want to be around. They are full of laughs, jokes and love...the absolute best combination. I hope you enjoy my favorites from their session below. :)


  1. We really enjoyed our shoot, Katie!! The pictures are great and you're the best!! And yes- I am one lucky lady, for sure!!!

  2. I love these photos. Wonderful job Katie! What a great looking family.