Erin-Just Because Session-Northeastern NC Photographer

Miss Erin is my GO-TO girl for any new photography ideas that I dream up. She is always ready and willing to throw on makeup and a beyond cute outfit and meet me anywhere. Right down the road from where I live is a building that is not being used with grass that hadn't been cut in several months. I would ride by this place everyday and think.. This would be the perfect spot for a session! The dead grass and the woodsy feel make for the perfect combination of textures..and although to look at this spot from the road it is an eyesore..sometimes those spots make the perfect place.  (The next day after pictures somebody cut the dead grass.. So it was perfect timing for the shoot!)

Even though I put Erin under the "senior label".. Erin is NOT a senior.. She is actually a sophmore in college...But she is young and beautiful and stylish.. so she fits in to this category more than she does any of the other ones.

If your interested in having a Senior Session done...or a Just Because session...Contact me! I would love to talk ideas and outfits...and help you ROCK your pictures! Senior sessions should represent FABULOUS you are right when you look back in 25 years at your pictures.. you can think.. man was I HOTT :)

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