Will and Erica--Engagement Session--Northeastern NC Photographer

This year will be a big wedding year for our family! Both my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are getting married one month apart. I may be biased..but my in law's and their to be spouses..are pretty dag on beautiful :) You can check out Caitlin's engagement session HERE.


This week, I traveled to Littleton NC to meet up with Will and Erica. Wanna know the first image that pops into my mind when I think of these two?..I always picture them riding up to the lake house with the top down on the Bronco with suntans, bathing suits on, music blaring and Erica's hair blowing in the wind. You see.. that beautiful Bronco you see in the pictures below used to be a hunk a junk..and Will molded it to be the beauty it is. So in order to get his cooperation..I might have asked him to bring it along on picture day.

Erica and Will are tying the knot on July 27'th 2013. They are the sweetest couple..They have the type of love that people wait all their lives to have. Erica has the most beautiful soul and has an infectious smile....and Will is one lucky man to have put a ring on her finger.


One more fun fact...Myrick boys (my husband Robbie and Will) sure do know how to pick their women. Not only do Erica and I share the same birthday....we also have the same tattoo. (and no we did not go get that tattoo together)

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