Seniors--Back to School in Style--Honey & Hive Boutique--Northeastern NC Photographer

I've been having all these ideas bounce around in my head for a "stylized" theme shoot for a while now. My goal is the specialize in Senior Photography. So, I knew I wanted seniors to be the models with some sort of "Back to School" theme. I was riding past the library and had an "AH HA" moment :) and just knew that was the place to do it. Honey & Hive Boutique was the absolute perfect business to team up with to make this shoot happen. I mean, Have you seen their killer stylish clothes? If not, check their Facebook out HERE and their online website HERE. The owners, Erin and Tracy are phenomenal and can put you in a head turning outfit in 10 seconds flat. They picked 6 of the sweetest high school seniors from Elizabeth City, Gates Co, and the OBX. SHOUT OUT to Summer, Emily, Jennifer, Anna Beth, Sean Kathryn and Catherine...You guys were beyond awesome and all incredibly beautiful! Thank you sooo much for rockin the socks off my camera! Also, Special thanks to Cole (our guy model)..I mean he had such a hard job.. right?...posing with 6 beautiful girls :) Enjoy my favorites below



If you're a Junior/Senior and you are wanting a FUN, UNIQUE, ALL ABOUT YOU portrait session....Contact me at Here's the secret....Finding a location that people don't use very often or not at all is as simple as asking the owner or business permission to use the spot. I wasn't sure the library would even let us do the photo shoot there... and they said no problem. :) Wanna do something totally you? totally different? and have portraits that document YOU right now at the turning point in your crazy beautiful life? Contact me.. Let's make it happen.

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