Chelsea--Just Because Session--Northeastern NC Photographer

I've known Chelsea since she was 7...with her long brown hair, freckles and glasses. She was around the same age as my younger brother and they would run the neighborhood. The two little stinkers actually let a hamster loose in my room one day. (It ended up in my shoe and ran out when I was picking out which shoes to wear....that was traumatic)

Flash forward to now.. She is all grown up. Independent. Gorgeous. and STILL as mischievous as ever. She has Violet/Blue eyes that you could just swim in. (She got them from her mama)

She drove down from the beach for a "Just because/Glamour Session". She brought clothes...and I brought some too. I knew exactly what type of look I wanted for one of the outfits..I've been dreaming about it actually. That poofy skirt was one I wore to prom in the 10th grade (My mom made it). So the skirt, lace top and some fresh picked roses were used for our "glamour" portion of the shoot. 

Three ticks and a couple of large spiders later...we have some beautiful portraits to show for it. 


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  1. Katie.... Absolutely fabulous.... Chelsea, always beautiful.... Love you both!!